"Amy Fairchild is a proud, determined survivor who gives a new cachet to tight, ultra-professional adult-pop with hip touches of folk and country. Her new album is a masterstroke of hooky melodies and razor-sharp lyrics that address the never-easy battlefield of the heart. She is by turns playful, hurt, mystified and ultimately hopeful that "I'm going to learn about love all over again," as she belts in the album's finale. Fairchild soars with six songs co-written with producer extraordinaire Adam Steinberg. They have a magical partnership, enhanced by Steinberg's electric-guitar wizardry on rocking tracks such as "Situation," "Hold Me Down," and "Get It Right," boosted by added guitar from Jim Weider of The Band. It's all held together by Fairchild's richly charismatic voice, which moves through the many moods on this album with a ruthless honesty that captivates throughout."

-- STEVE MORSE, former staff pop critic at the Boston Globe for nearly 30 years who now teaches a Rock History course for Berklee College of Music